About Me

I am a fourteen year-old athlete, student (my dad makes me say that) and worshipper of God and, on a musical level, Bruce Springsteen.
Other Stuff--
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 5000 meters ( I run everything from soup to nuts).
I want to see the Heat lose to the Bulls because I don't like Lebron.
My favorite beverages are milk and Bruce Juice.
I do a lot of things involving baseball.
I hate the Axe ads in Sports Illustrated.
I love the Free Credit Report commercials.
My doctor is mad because I lost too much weight.
I have two parents, Paul and Joan, and two sisters, It Number One and It Number Two.
"The cleaner you are, the more your ads get censored. I don't even get conceptual sex."
-The Regular Son
Oh yeah, and my dad is the Regular Guy on The Regular Guy Believes.
You don't need a picture. You might be a troll. My dad is short. I have spoken.